Personal details

Born: 29.7.1976,
Nationality: czech,
Languages: english (fluent), german & russian (very basic level),
Hobbies: aikido, linux.


2001-2004  PhD student  in Trinity College Dublin, department of Electronics and electrical engineering. Defended thesis: The Variational Bayes approach in Signal Processing.

1994-1999  University of West Bohemia, department of cybernetics. Defended Thesis: The balance models of thermodynamical systems.


2004-now  UTIA, department of adaptive systems, postdoc researcher

2001-2004 Trinity College Dublin, PhD by research, EU projects MOUMIR and ProDacTool.

1999-2000 Sidat Praha, implementation of industrial control systems

Research interests

Bayesian system identification in general. More experience with (i) Bayesian factor analysis and linear dimensionality reduction, (ii) Generalized AutoRegressive models, (iii) Forgetting technique.
Variational Bayes approximation in general.
Stochastic control and approximation of dynamic programming.